Do You Know The Double Moon Bay In Hui Zhou ?

- Nov 08, 2019-

Do You Know The Double Moon Bay In Hui Zhou ?

If you go to China to travel,Let me introduce this place to you,Double Moon Bay.

Double Moon Bay is in port town Hui Zhou district.The whole town is in the middle of two half moon shape,So it is called "Double Moon Bay".


The Double Moon Bay is divided into two bays,It is composed of two half moons which adjacent DaYa Bay and Red Bay,Because of the wind,It is formed the left bay's water is peaceful,Just like the mirror.The right bay is surging,The landscape is very beautiful,It is natural,blue sea water,White sandy beach,Colorful sunset,You can have the freshest see foods here.There are aslo some hotels,You can watch the scenery on the tall building.You also can see the sunset glow in the seaside.


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