Do You Know The Summer Palace ?

- Oct 22, 2019-

Do You Know The Summer Palace ? 

Do you know The Information about The Summer Palace ?

Let me introduce The Summer Palace to you.

First,The Summer Palace is belong to China.


Second,The Summer Palace is royal garden of the Qing Dynasty.It was buit in 1750 years.

Situated in the western outskirts of haidian district,The Summer Palace is 15 kilometers(9.3miles)form central BeiJing.

The area is 290 hectares.The water surface three quanters.


The Summer Palace is main composed of Wanshou Mountain and Kunming Lake.

The water surface accounts for three quanters of the whole park.

It is concentrated culture of the national garden art,The most ingenious and unique is its length 728 meter gallery.

Its painting itselfe has high art value.It prominent the overall beauty of the garden.

Travel Guidebook.

Go to the East Palace Door to visit the "Renshou Temple"

Turn North(Right) three hundred meters,walk for 10 minutes,Through the "ZiQi DongLai" to the "Funny Garden".

Then go to the "Kunming Lake","Yulan Hall","Shoutang","Promenade","Paizhi Temple","Shijie".


At the last,If you go to China to travel,I suggest you to visit The Summer Palace.

I think it is very beautiful.If there are any question,Please leave the message to us.

Thank you.

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