Do You Know Which Night Scense Is Beautiful In GuangZhou China ?

- Nov 19, 2019-

Do You Know Which Night Scense Is Beautiful In GuangZhou China ?

Hello,Dear friend,How are you ? I haven't seen you for a long time,Do you miss us ?

We invite you go to China to travel and visit beautiful night scene,GuangZhou Tower.


Today,I share GuangZhou Tower to you,Following us to reading it.It is called GuangZhou Tower or Canton Tower,All it is ok,It is completed in September 2009 year.

Canton Tower construction area is 12.9 million square meters,Construction land is 175,458 square meters.

1st October 2010 year,It has been open officially for people.

Canton Tower height 600 meters,It is looked very spectacular,I suggest you go to there at night,It will be more beautiful,You can see colorful lights,You also can visit pearl river.


When you go there before,You can dress up yourself,spray a little perfume,It will be more perfect,Deodorant Body Spray,Fragrance suitable for all stages,Capacity about 150ml/bottle,Beautiful girl worth having good fragrance.


If you are interested in it,You can leave the message to us to discuss it.

Looking forward to cooperation with you and welcome you to coming Canton Tower or our office.

Wish you happy and health.

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