Do You Love Travel ? Shangri-La

- Jan 02, 2020-

Do You Love Travel ? Shangri-La

If you go to travel,I think you can go to Shangri-La,It is as beautiful as heaven,I strong suggest it to you,Shangri-La.

About the Shangri-La address: It is in Yunnan Northwest,It is called auspicious place,There are blue sky,There are a lot of azalea blooming in every hill and dale,It is mysterious quiet tibetan buddhist temple,It is peace,peaceful land,Shangri-La,alpine lake,grassland,virgin forest,national customs,Ever since,Beautiful Shangri-La has own attribution.


May-June,Shangri-La is the most beautiful at this time,azakea flower sea.

July-August,Different kinds widflower open,But it is rainy season at this time.

September-October,It is autumn,It is also good season,The weather temperature is not cold and hot.

November-December: You can appreciate plum blossom flower and snow,It is white season,It will be very beatiful.


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