Food And Beverage Shops Have Been Exposed To A Thorough Refusal To Block The Mouse Channel

- Sep 26, 2017-

"Mouse has a characteristic, that is, only last time." A rat drug, if the drug died a mouse, the other mice will not touch; a mouse to eat "poison apple" dead, to cheat other mice And the other mouse will not go up again.

Mature mice generally do not come out during the day activities, most of the evening 10:00 to 2:00 out foraging, so if the day to see the mouse around the channeling, it is likely that the number of mice in the store has reached saturation, generally more than 20, More than the mouse can only come out and find another place. Restaurants and other places easy to breed the best place to carry out long-term rodent control work, and the best regional linkage.

In the rodent control staff more than ten years of experience found that many restaurants will be placed off the mouse to rodent control, but because of the location of the placement or sticky mouse plate quality problems, rodent effect is poor. It is advisable for restaurants and other places where the rodent is easy to breed. It is best to carry out long-term rodent control work. In March and September of each year's rat breeding, and the frequent summer and winter months, To regional linkage to ensure food safety.