Laundry Misunderstanding: The More Washing Powder, Wash The Clothes More Clean

- Sep 26, 2017-

Some people often ask: when washing clothes, is put the more washing powder, wash the clothes more clean it? Here I want to tell you that the answer is no!

    Many people think that the more the better the detergent, in fact, this is a misunderstanding. Detergent powder is a synthetic detergent made of surfactants as the main ingredient. In general, the lipophilic group in the surfactant can adsorb the oil and bind it to the oil molecules, which can "pull" the oil directly from the surface of the laundry. At this point the lipophilic group wrapped the oil, while the hydrophilic group in the outermost layer to form a larger inclusions, because the hydrophilic base is dissolved in water, so in the scrubbing process will be separated from the clothing, suspended in the water, with Drain and leave the clothes.

    When the detergent powder into the excess, detergent in the lipophilic group will automatically stick together to form a system, and its outer layer was also hydrophilic-based package, can not be combined with the oil on the clothes, decontamination effect naturally greatly reduced. Another excess of detergent is difficult to dissolve in water, resulting in a large number of washing powder in the clothes and washing machines, you want to clean these clothes will use a lot of water. If the detergent residue on the clothes, not only damage to clothing, but also cause damage to the environment. So the amount of detergent is best to refer to the amount of detergent on the label, do not have to put more.