On 12th November.Today Is Sun Yat-sen’s Birthday.

- Nov 12, 2019-

On 12th November.Today is Sun Yat-sen’s birthday.

Happy birthday to Sun Yat-sen.

Do you know the Sun Yat-sen ? He is the leader of China's modern democratic revolution.


Mr. Sun Yat-sen's birthday every year.

All over the country will hold various activities to celebrate.

Mr. Sun Yat-sen's birthday,Nan Jing and Guang Zhou has Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall.

He is a great person,His resolute and brave,It wouth us to study.

By the way,If you go to China to travel,You can visit the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall,It is in Guang Zhou,It is looked very beautiful and spectacular,Here are some picture of the Menorial Hall,You can reference it.

Picture One


Picture Two


Picture Three


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