Seven Small Coup With Food Cleaning Stainsc

- Sep 26, 2017-

1 strokes: with banana polished silver products

    After eating bananas, banana peel do not lose, you can use the inside of the banana peel clean dirty silver products.

2 strokes: with cucumber slices to remove the stains on the wall or table

    Cucumber is very suitable for use as a cleaning product and can be used to remove stains on a wall or on a desktop.

3 3 strokes: polished with tomato sauce kitchen utensils

    Kitchen utensils for a long time will lose the original luster, in the dirty or rusty place coated with tomato sauce, and so on ten minutes and then rinse with warm water, kitchen utensils will restore the original luster.

4 strokes: use walnut to remove the scratches on wooden furniture

    Although the wooden furniture is very texture, but often accidentally scratched, this time "walnut" is the savior! First walnut from the shell out, painted on the scratch a few times, and then the fingers of the walnut oil on the scratches on the smoothing, so that oil can penetrate the scratches, and finally with a soft cloth to clean the grunge, Scratches will be very magical disappear!

5 strokes: with salt to remove red wine stains

    Red wine is a senior enjoyment, but also easy to overturn. Do not worry after knocking up, immediately grabbed a salt to the stains at the sprinkled, the salt will slowly absorb the red wine.

6 strokes: with rice to clean the coffee machine in the slag residue

    Place the appropriate amount of rice in the coffee machine and start the coffee machine until the rice is ground into a powder. The rice powder will be poured out, stuck in the coffee machine slag will be cleared together. And then wipe the coffee machine with a damp cloth rub, coffee machine on the clean friends.

7 strokes: with corn flour to remove the grease on the cloth

    What do you do when you eat something to lose your greasy food on a cloth sofa? Cover the corn flour over the stains for 15 to 20 minutes, allow the corn flour to absorb the oil, and then use the vacuum cleaner to suck the corn flour, and then only need to use the general cleaning steps on it.