Topone Teach You How To Buy Electric Mosquito Coils?

- Sep 26, 2017-

(1) in the purchase of electric mosquito coils must see the instructions, choose low toxicity and no stimulation of the product, while choosing a more reliable brand. See whether the packaging marked the approval number of the National Agricultural Commission and the exact composition of the drug content.

(2) in the selection of electric mosquito coils, depending on whether the appearance of scratches and cracks, deformation and other phenomena, check the origin, manufacturers and user manual is complete.

(3) to see whether the indicator light after power is on, check the temperature is normal. Power a moment of heat transfer board should be hot feeling. Can be placed small paper observation. General power 2 to 3 minutes after the paper will be heated bending, but will not turn yellow.

(4) electric mosquito coils surface should be no significant color, the film is complete without defects, no mildew phenomenon, the use of aromatic aroma, no stimulation, no ash, no fire.

(5) liquid mosquito coils of liquid should be transparent colorless or yellowish no precipitation phenomenon, the cap is anastomosis without leakage, the same time without stimulation, no open flame.