Washing Powder And Laundry Liquid In The End What Is The Difference

- Sep 26, 2017-

In the Chinese washing products market, washing powder has been dominated, in recent years, with the development of washing products, a new generation of washing products - laundry liquid began to gradually popular. As a result of the morphological differences, laundry detergent and detergent compared to the following advantages:

● water-soluble, no residue. Washing powder in the course of the process is not easy to completely dissolve, residual substances will lead to clothing rigid, easy to rinse, and laundry solution is not the case, the liquid is liquid liquid, soluble in water, easy to rinse, save time and effort , Serve multiple purposes.

● gentle do not hurt the hand. Ordinary washing powder more biased in alkaline, while the detergent was neutral formula, the clothing and skin without stimulation, more moderate.