What's That Annoying Little Blackbird?

- Jan 13, 2021-

What's that annoying little blackbird?

People often say "small black fly" is in fact a common name of the mushroom mosquito, they are small like mosquitoes, fast breeding, larval larger, to the soil fungi algae or rotting plants for food, will also invade the roots of fresh plants Nibble.

little blackbird

Biological characteristics of fungivorous mosquitoes:

Morphology: body length 4.5 mm, wing 8.33 mm. Body Color Brown, chest back black with plush, central to the front edge of a t-shaped yellow-brown patch, black tentacles, the base of a few nodes yellow-brown, transparent wings but above a gray-brown ribbon.

little blackbird

How should mushroom mosquito prevent after all?

Physical Control: in the adult peak period, sugar and vinegar can be used to trap and kill control.

Home can use mosquito coil, mosquito coil liquid to drive mushroom mosquito adult insect.

Electric Mosquito SolutionElectric Mosquito Film

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