You Have To Look At The Precaution Of Insecticidal Aerosols

- Sep 26, 2017-

The best to large shopping malls, supermarkets to buy brand name insecticide aerosol, forget the covetous cheap to buy ingredients of unknown low-quality aerosols and filling insects and aerosols. It is widely used in the city of insecticidal aerosols, mostly using a world is widely used in the room of insecticide aerosol, mostly using a world recognized safety is pyrethroid insecticidal components. However, domestic and foreign environmental toxicologist experiments confirmed that this insecticidal composition of human and animal nervous system has obvious toxicity, long-term exposure can cause nerve palsy, sensory nerve abnormalities and dizziness and headache and other neurological symptoms. Other general insecticidal ingredients on the human body toxicity is greater. Therefore, the use of pesticides in the public should pay attention to safety, to try to control the use of pesticides, available when not used; when used to minimize contact with pesticides, such as not to stay in the application of the house, immediately after leaving the application , Half an hour later open the doors and windows full of ventilation before entering. Do not let the infants and children who have not yet developed the brain develop contact with any pesticides so as not to adversely affect the brain development. Be careful not to contaminate food and kitchen utensils in the kitchen. Agents, to minimize contact with insecticidal aerosols to ensure the safety of summer.