2018 OEM Best Body Spray for Men

2018 OEM Best Body Spray for Men

I&ADMIRER body spray deodorant is produced by an advanced technology. Good smell and environmentally friendly. It maintains the comfortable perfume to stay on the body long time.
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Product Details

2018 OEM best body spray for men

Product Introduction of the deodorant body spray

No.1: Fragrance elegant.Fragrant and pleasant. To make people refreshed.

No.2: Safe and non-stimulating.Does not affect the normal function of sweat glands, suitable for all kinds of physical populations.

No.3: Antiperspirant removal, gently spray, effective within one minute, odor removal.

No.4: Scent, less dosage and long duration, the fragrance of the smell can be maintained throughout the day, it is refreshing.

No.5: Aroma elegant, first-class taste, so you have allure.

No.6: Anytime, anywhere to use, mini design portable, easy to spray, simple and convenient.

Product Specification of the I&Admirer Brand body spray

Description    150 Ml Deodorant body Spray
FragranceCustomized Fragrance
VolumeCustomzied Size
FunctionDeodorant Spray
ColorCustomer's Requirement
Supply TypeOEM

Product Tips And Instructions of the 150ML body spray


Body spray tips:

No.1: Suitable for body sweating and body odor heavy parts, such as armpits, neck, foot, knee medial and other places.

No.2: Can not be used on the scratched skin, otherwise easily lead to wound stimulation.

No.3: Is not recommended for use on the face, it will make sweat can not be discharged caused by clogging pores, adversely affecting the face.

No.4: Replenishment of the product, it is best to gently wipe with a facial mask dry sweat, and then make up with a little.


Body spray Instructions:

Step one: Pick up the body dew, first shake twice, if the bottle cap, open the bottle cap.

Step two: need to spray 2 to 3 under.

Step three: Massage to absorb.

Product Details




Product Packing and Shipping



1. Where is the location of your company?

-- Our company is located in Guangzhou,China. Welcome to visit our company at anytime!


2. Can we use our own logo or design for sticker?  

-- Yes,we do provide OEM and ODM.


3. Do you have any certificate?

-- Yes,we have all export certificate and can supply MSDS,ISO certificates.

4. Do you have your own factory ? 

-- Yes,we are a factory that can supply high quality with competitive price.

5. Can we start for a trial order ?

-- Yes,we are glad to help customers in the new market.

6. What are the specifications?

-- Mini type 150ML. But we can also do OEM.


7. Where can I spray?

-- You can spray to the armpit deodorant.


8. Are your jars iron cans or aluminum cans?

-- Its iron cans.


9. What is the crowd for?

-- Men and women are suitable for use.


10. Are your products roll on type?

-- No,its spray type.

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